A few years back three people, Jack Musk, Ellen Dorsey and Ro Pichai, realized that educating the younger generation in the value of mathematics is crucial. The upcoming age, be it in school or college, doesn’t recognize the various ways math is used in real-life applications and for further studies. As experts in Maths, we thought what can be better than creating a platform where students can get every information conceivable about the subject. We set about to demystify the complexities of math and bring it closer to people.
All three of us are uniquely equipped for the task because each one of us brings something special to the table. Jack is a prodigy in the subject ever since he was a young a child. Ellen has a post-graduate degree in math that has given her a particular insight into it. Ro has practical experience under his belt where he has used math for almost every possible industry in every imaginable manner.
Through Open Source Math, we hope and aim to aid and assist students in excelling in the subject. Our objective is to provide support to individuals that help in overcoming obstacles that arise when learning mathematics.