Comparing US School Math With Other Countries

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Given that USA is the leader in science and tech on the planet, the basic tools provided to future innovators are bleakly incompetent. As of present, a high school student of America can select the level of math they want to learn. This choice is made on the aptitude and interest the student has in math. The very basic level one can pick is algebra and geometry. At a more advanced level a child can choose AP statistics and AP calculus BC. In rare cases, some schools offer multi-variable calculus too.
But even the advanced program classes are not very tough when compared to the curriculum of other countries. No abstract proofs are required and solving a problem is pretty straightforward like working out an integral. Since math is the tool to understanding other, higher sciences and engineering it is imperative that the coursework for it be changes. How does a student integrate in the Maxwell Equation in AP physics, if the basic math is not strong? Real world applications become only of value when the foundation of concepts is robust and unmoveable. American education needs to bring a paradigm shift to their curriculum if they want to catch up with other countries.

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